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By now, you'll know that developing creative digital games for kids is a speciality of ours here at Plug-in Media. Our long-time clients Sky came to us for our expertise in creating a brand new touch-screen art game for their Sky Kids app.

Art Studio is a creative app that enables kids aged 3-9 to paint, draw, stick and colour in a digital format that's both tactile and intuitive. Developing kids' creative-thinking skills through imaginative play, the game offers a wide and innovative art tool selection which encourages players to translate their wildest imaginations onto an interactive canvas with near-infinite artistic possibilities.

To spark creative inspiration, players can choose from a range of different canvas styles which offer both free-draw opportunities and directed play tasks. For example, colour in templates of planets in space, picnic tables and floating hot air balloons. The game also offers more targeted design challenges which directly encourage more specific creative skills; for instance, test your fashion skills by designing your own high-top trainer or decorate a cake by swiping sweets and icing around the screen and watch them sprinkle around your fingertips!  We are also rolling out new canvases and tools, themed to your favourite Sky Kids brands.

Running along the bottom of the screen, there is a scrollable carousel which offers an impressive array of art tools and colours to select. Alongside more traditional art tools such as crayons and paint, users can also go wild and opt for more advanced tools such as rainbow-patterned paint rollers, spray cans, and cotton-wool balls dipped in paint. The game's savvy audio-visual SFX also mimic real-life tool applications and textures in order to bring your artwork to life. For example, glitter can't be applied unless a thick layer of virtual glue is added beforehand, and splodges of paint splatter and drip down the canvas as you colour. Players can also add animated stickers such as googly eyes which follow your fingers as you tap or alphabet spaghetti that splodges into different letters as you swipe.

Users can display their creations within a local gallery space or save them to the device's camera roll. Release your inner Van Gogh and get creating on Art Studio, which can be accessed within the Sky Kids app on any touch-screen iOS or Android device. 



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