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There is a generational divide in how entertainment is consumed. The youngest audiences expect to find their favourite brands everywhere, with different screens providing different content opportunities. Plug-in Media has been servicing this appetite for cross-platform entertainment for over 15 years.

Client Services

We create outstandingly executed, award-winning digital service work. Our work-for-hire services deliver apps, games, learning materials, and animation to clients across the world.

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IP Development & Production

We also develop and produce original, digital-first IP for the disrupted children’s entertainment market. Our innovative slate of projects uses digital production and distribution, to springboard new multiplatform IPs.

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Client Services

Our interdisciplinary team delivers art, animation, technical development, and digital content consultancy services to clients all over the world. Across our portfolio of award-winning work, we can demonstrate diverse capabilities such as: 2D & 3D design and animation, Unity & HTML5 game development, web development, video production, music composition, sound design, scriptwriting and character design. In the delivery of all our projects we value collaboration - both with our clients and with our audience, using workshops, user testing, prototyping and regular communication to ensure that the end results truly deliver the objectives we set out to achieve.


Our Clients


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IP Development and Production

Since 2012 we have been developing and producing original children’s IPs, with a ‘digital first’ approach.  Our successful preschool IP Tee and Mo for CBeebies, began as a suite of 10 web games, and developed via 10 interstitials, 2 apps, 6 song videos for Youtube, and an album of music, to a 50x7-min 2D animated TV series.  We went early and direct to our audience, growing the brand iteratively, and earning 2 BAFTA nominations before the TV show launched.

We are now applying this methodology to launch more new IPs, both linear and interactive. Our slate includes: Video Cat (in co-production with Sesame Workshop), an animated comedy for 8-10 year olds about the world’s most famous cat Youtuber; Sketchy Racer, an augmented reality mobile racing game, engaging 6-10 year olds in creative play; and The Unpettables - a real-time animated, improvised sitcom for Youtube.


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Awards and Successes

Across all our work:

We have received over 40 award nominations across apps, web games, and short-form animation.

We have won the Children's BAFTA for interactive 3 times (Big and Small House, ZingZillas, Psychoville and Get Well Soon Hospital), as well as a further TV BAFTA for The Psychoville Experience.

We also took home the Children’s BAFTA Short Form award for our ecological Tee and Mo song, Help Our Little World. This latest win is the first for one of our own brands.

Our Tee and Mo short-form songs have received over 16 million domestic views on YouTube.

Our app releases for Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop have been No1 in 98 different territories.

Our web games for CBBC consistently appear in the top 10 games list with plenty of likes and OMG!!!!s


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