Bert and Ernie's Printmaker

Client: Sesame Workshop


Like we said, 2011 is Plug-in’s year of art apps and we’re really starting to get the hang of them now! Our latest project to hit the internet is for Sesame Workshop. We’ve been working with Sesame on various projects for almost a year now – and we’re really proud of this release (as well as it’s ‘sister’, music app: Twiddlebug Chorus).

Knowing our track-record in making fun, creative games for pre-schoolers, Sesame Workshop asked us to come up with a few ideas around open-ended, art and music activities. As with many of our projects, we entered into a long brainstorming period, where we had fantastic fun coming up with many incredible ideas that saw Elmo dancing along in a colour-in landscape, Oscar making tunes from his junk pile and Bert and Ernie mixing paint in a factory. However the two winning contenders were: Bert and Ernie’s Printmaker and Twiddlebug Chorus.

Sesame Workshop were so taken with our hand-printing mini-game in Big and Small, that they encouraged us to explore our ‘printmaking’ technology a little further and see what we could do. The result harks back to some of the classic early print-making techniques that kids encounter at home and pre-school: sponges, leaves and of course, potatoes. (OK, so we forgot the pasta!). You can even use muppet head parts to print a muppet face.

You can of course, print and save your pictures, and Bert and Ernie provide helpful commentary throughout. Bert and Ernie’s Printmaker is also optimised for Android – so you can play it on your phone or tablet device.

Working with Sesame Street’s IP is a dream-come true for us – few other kids’ brands inspire such loyalty and of course we’re right behind the retro appeal! Oh and did we say? There’s even more exciting stuff with Sesame coming later in the year!


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