Bubble Puppy Play and Learn

Client: Nickelodeon

We’ve been doing a lot of mobile app development here at Plug-in Media and we’re delighted to announce the launch of our biggest and most ambitious app to date – for Nick Jr.’s Bubble Guppies brand.

Bubble Puppy Play and Learn allows players to join Molly and Gil in taking care of their favourite pet puppy: Bubble Puppy. This game is the result of a 8-month development and is exceptionally feature-rich. At its core the Bubble Puppy app is a virtual pet where you can feed, dress and groom Bubble Puppy in his dog house. Dress Bubble Puppy up as a rock star, feed him doggy ice cream and brush his teeth with chicken toothpaste. If you make him happy he will give the screen a long juicy lick!!

Moving outside you can play two different educational games. The first focuses on alphabet recognition. Shout “bark” to Bubble Puppy and he will bark some letter-containing bubbles. You then drag the right letter or picture bubbles to Bubble Puppy to pop. The app also contains a numeracy game in which you must steer Bubble Puppy as he runs to collect numbers, avoiding obstacles along the way. The app’s final feature is a comprehensive reward system in which you can exchange bones achieved through your engagement with Bubble Puppy, for a range of different doggy toys. These can be thrown to Bubble Puppy who runs after them, loving this further opportunity to play!

We’re delighted that the iPad app has reached the coveted Number 1 spot in the kids, Educational and 5 and Under sections of the US App Store.

Our app now has it’s very own TV ad. Watch the video here.


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