Client: Shed Media for CBBC

Fasten your seatbelts, put on your crash helmets and start your engines! Plug in Media are proud to present our latest HTML5 game for CBBC: All Star Racing.

When we were approached by Shed Media to develop a new racing game, everyone in the office was very excited. We all have fond memories of Mario Kart, F-Zero, Micro Machines and Scalextric. It was the latter that formed the bulk of the inspiration for this project, with two cars going head-to-head along a track with lots of opportunity for large scale collisions!

Players need to stay in control of their speed to negotiate the tricky turns and tight corners. Just like a slot car circuit, taking a corner at too great a speed will throw the player off the track and incur a time penalty whilst the car is returned to the track.

We’ve made a few additions to the Scalextric format, giving the player a brake as well as optional ‘nitro’ and ‘super handling’ power ups. Winning a race award you with ‘stars’ which can then be exchanged for upgrades to your vehicle. Tweaking the acceleration, handling and engine speed are essential to beating your AI opponents on harder levels.

It’s not all stats, grease and gears though. The game features characters from CBBC favourites Wolfblood, The Dumping Ground and Hacker Time in some beautifully drawn vehicles and race environments. There’s some extra special Plug-in magic in the tyre marks slashed across the track as the vehicles brake and slide around the circuit, bringing a visually tactile feel to the play experience. We are really pleased with how this project looks and how it feels to play – it’s certainly our most high octane game to date!

This game runs in HTML5 on the CBBC website and is optimised for both desktop and mobile browsers. The game engine is designed to be expanded with new tracks and new vehicles – so we very much hope it will have a life beyond its initial release on CBBC as we’d love to get more of the channel’s biggest and best shows in there. Check it out on the CBBC website and send us your best lap times!


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