Client: Nickelodeon

¡Hola! Nickelodeon asked us to create an app to support their latest new brand: Dora and Friends. So here at Plug-in we did what we do best. We designed and built an app to enable children to use their creativity. In our latest app, simply named Dora and Friends, young fans of the series can create and record their own stories involving Dora and her gang of friends.

Storytellers can choose to set their stories in one of ten locations from the Dora and Friends universe, ranging from the ancient Mayan Temple to the bustling Arco Iris Cafe! Within these environments, children can bring characters and props into the scene and easily control their movement by dragging them around the touchscreen. As the characters move around their world, they animate naturally and react to changes in their environment. For example, if Pablo sees the class volcano experiment erupt, he’ll react with a display of shock and excitement!  Our original intention was to create a doll's house with added extras and one app store reviewer got this straight away:  

“What a fun and surprising app! It’s just like playing dolls, but better. My daughter keeps calling me from the other room to see what she made! Amazing!”

Once a user has decided on what they want to be in their story, they can record it. Pressing the record button begins the capture of all of the subsequent action on screen and activates the microphone, so the child can narrate the story and even ‘do the voices’ of the characters in the show! Having recorded a story, they can watch it in the gallery section of the app or export it to their device so their parents can share it with friends and family.

One of our favourite features in this app is the ability to create your own characters to tell stories with. We’ve already made characters for all of the Plug-in staff! Players can customise their hair, clothes and more to bring themselves, their friends and family into the game! This presents so many co-play opportunities for children to join up and go on an adventure! ¡Vamanos!

The app presents infinite opportunities for children to exercise their imaginations by creating stories. We’ve packed this app so full of magical moments and gentle subtle effects so that whether players are dancing on the beach, playing football in the park or exploring the underground cave, there’ll always be something new to spark their imagination. Perhaps they’ll discover a magical dragon, watch an impromptu firework display or stop off for an ice cream. The possibilities are endless!

Tech With Kids Best Pick App Award

Shortlisted | Best Game App (tablet): Kidscreen iKids award 2015

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