Client: Sesame Workshop

Can you imagine our excitement when we were asked by Sesame Workshop to create a game for Elmo’s new series; Elmo the Musical?! We could barely contain ourselves! A musical learning-filled adventure with Elmo and pals – we couldn’t wait to get on with the show…! And now that the first game has launched we can guarantee that you won’t be able to resist singing, dancing and adding and subtracting along!

Elmo the Musical game is made up of 3 different segments including Cowboy The Musical, Prince The Musical and Pizza The Musical – which has just launched!! The Pizza game sees Pizza Astronaut Elmo deliver pizza to some hungry Martians, nom nom nom!

All the games follow an interactive episode format based around the TV show. Kids feed their imagination by choosing cool outfits for their avatar and painting their own scenes before practising their maths skills!

In Pizza The Musical, Elmo invites kids to dress up their Muppet avatar as an astronaut using everyday items – we find that a colander makes for an excellent space helmet! Children can create their very own space scene by decorating stars and planets in groovy colours before embarking on their delivery mission through the galaxy! There’s plenty of fun counting games, like building a pizza and choosing your own toppings, and some fun encounters with cool characters – can you use your subtracting skills to pay the Toll Booth Chicken in pizza slices?

This being the best musical in town, we couldn’t end the game without a show stopping performance from Elmo himself! Using webcam technology kids get to perform the Big Musical Number with Elmo, which will no doubt bring the house down!


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