Get Squiggling Letters

Client: CBeebies

We are delighted to announce that our cool new letters game Get Squiggling has launched! The Get Squiggling game was created to accompany the Cbeebies series of the same name and is now live on their website – so what are you waiting for? Go and practice your letters and have a play!

The game is not only available on your desktop but now on your mobile too! Our brilliant developers have created a spectacular HTML5 version of the Flash game to play on device, making drawing your letters that little bit more intuitive!

The game continues the themes of the TV show, exploring letters within the loveable Get Squiggling world; kids can discover how letters are formed and practice writing them using a Squizzle Stick – which is perhaps more widely known as a crayon!

Once kids have had a go following the line and drawing a letter, they will then find some cute illustrations of associated images, such as a Yeti and Yak for the letter Y! Once kids have practiced drawing their letters they can then get creative with some colouring, for example, colouring in a mountain scene with a selection of colourful crayons (or Squizzle Sticks) and then placing the Yeti and Yak into it. They are then able to save or print out and stick on the fridge!

In order for kids and caregivers to track their progress, there is a simple ‘Letters Quiz’ to test the player on how much they have learnt throughout the game – how can you draw the letter Y with your Squizzle Stick? And what letter does Yeti go with?

Throughout the game super cute character Squiglet offers encouragement, further providing more fun & entertainment whilst helping children learn to write and identify letters of the alphabet correctly.


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