Getting Crafty with Tee and Mo

10th September 2016

The Brighton Digital Festival is an annual event to celebrate all the brilliant work that comes out of Brighton's most digitally forward companies.  Most years we like to participate in the Festival's Open Studios - throwing open our doors to the public, who can get beneath the bonnet and see how we produce our many award-winning projects.   This year we thought we would do something a little different.  We still threw open our doors, but this time to our committed audience of parent and toddler, Tee and Mo fans.

With music being such an pivotal part of the Tee and Mo brand, we thought we'd invite our composer and song collaboration partner, Ellie Wyatt into the studio to perform a musical workshop with our young fans.  She invited them each to grab a percussion instrument and to start making a sound.  Before long, she and Dom had everyone singing along to Ready to Go.

The second part of the workshop had a craft focus and we set up craft stations in the studio to make Tee and Mo themed tissue box ukueles and loo roll monkeys.  As you can see from the photos, the occasion brought in plenty of young fans into our studio.  Perhaps we've inspired them to be the musicians and artists of tomorrow? 


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