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Get Well Soon Hospital presented a fantastic opportunity to revisit this popular pre-school brand, whilst producing some content that we feel passionate about. We partnered with Kindle Entertainment and The Wellcome Trust to produce an app that focuses on the most common hospital procedures that children undergo.  The app lets preschoolers play with the Get Well Soon puppets and familiarises them with the hospital environment so that they will be less intimidated if they actually do need to visit the hospital.

Launching the app, Dr. Ranj welcomes the user to the hospital and walks them to the lift. Once inside, there are five departments to visit, each with a different puppet who needs treating! The chosen departments are the most common parts of the body that need medical attention in young children: bones, tummy, lungs, brain and heart.  Inside each room there are five activities to try: scanning the puppet’s body, watching videos, listening to brand new (and just as hilarious) songs, a sticker chart and Dr Ranj’s Healthy Facts!

The scanning activity allows the user to look inside the puppet’s body and see all of the organs inside. Moving the scanner, the aim is to identify which part of the body is poorly. Doing so correctly unlocks a fun fact and a piece for the sticker chart. The sticker chart tracks the child’s progress through the app, slowly building a representation of the body by adding the heart, lungs, brain, stomach and bones. Adding each item triggers a musical loop, meaning that adding and removing stickers creates different sounds, turning a progress board into a fun play activity!

Dr Ranj’s Healthy Facts provide information for how to keep you body healthy, and a nice little animation to play with. Watching videos or songs unlocks almost half an hour of video content, in friendly bite-sized chunks! There is a lot of content in this app and it is all available for free!  Currently only on iTunes.
The Get Well Soon Hospital app was made using funding from The Wellcome Trust.

Winner: BAFTA Children's Interactive: Adapted 2016

BAFTA Winner

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