Hope Works Launches

19th November 2018

Hope Works is a new initiative from children's broadcasters and media companies from around the globe, focusing on using media to help children feel more positive about themselves and the world around them.  Every day, we are bombarded with negative news stories and the world often seems to be a scarier and more overwhelming place now than ever before.  Stories of kindness and inclusion are often excluded in favour of headline-grabbing reports of global disasters and societal discord.  Is it any wonder that children's mental health is at an all-time low?

The project was initiated by Alison Stewart (ex-BBC Children's) and Lucy Murphy (Sky Kids) and has gathered support from a host of other broadcasters (Disney EMEA, ABC, Hop) and production companies (Blue Zoo, Sixteen South), enabling reach across the globe.  By using the power of entertainment, the project's aims are to reawaken hope amongst today's young people.  It's doing so by delivering 12 short films aimed at kids from 4-12, with resources to help deepen engagement and involve parents, carers and teachers. 

All the content has been developed to support the following themes: 

  • Activate compassion mode: encouraging children to be kind and caring.
  • Little things make a big difference: encouraging children to think of ways their small actions can make a difference.
  • The power of why: getting children to ask questions about what they don't understand about people, the environment and the world.
  • Humankind's magic healing: reinforcing the importance of resilience.
  • Abundant good news: because there's plenty of it!

Plug-in Media has been delighted to get involved with this project by managing the Hope Works website build.  The website will be the main reposititory for the project's films and resources, as well as providing information about the project and its key supporters.  We attended the Hope Works launch at Google's London HQ on 14th November and we were lucky enough to preview 6 of the project's short-films.  A mix of animation and live action, they each beautifully delivered positive messages with which to launch these themes.  We can't help thinking they're going to make a big difference to how children perceive the sometimes overwhelming world about them.

Follow @hopeworksproj to spread the word and take a deeper look at the project website and the films.


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