Client: CBBC

The wait is over! We’ve spent the summer crafting beautiful Renaissance Italy, created super fast tracks to race around Florence and designed the coolest 15th century inventions that Leonardo da Vinci himself would be proud of! So without further ado we can finally announce that Leonardo the game has launched!

We were delighted that CBBC asked us to create the game Leonardo to accompany the second series of their popular drama from Kindle Entertainment. The game follows a high-octane chase format that reflects the action-based narrative of the TV show, which proved to be an exciting new challenge for us!

Exclusive to the game is a brand new storyline, introduced via an interactive comic-strip featuring the show’s characters and leading players through a series of events in which they must help Leonardo and his gang to outwit, outrace and battle the mysterious villain, Il Drago. Dutch artist, Lois van Baarle’s illustration work captures the tension and atmosphere of the story perfectly – giving the game’s narrative cut scenes the painterly feel of a graphic novel – entirely suited to a storyline featuring one of the greatest artists of all time.

In the game, you play as Leonardo, driving his various inventions through the streets, sewers and rooftops of Renaissance Florence to capture Il Drago’s men who have stolen your vehicle designs. Each time you catch the thieves, you’ll get an opportunity to upgrade Leonardo’s vehicles by crafting components together in the ‘Invention Space’, allowing you to race around Florence in even faster times, discover unchartered routes through the city and hopefully make it to the CBBC Games Grid leaderboard to compare your score with your friends.

The game format delivers a creatively original approach to the interactive treatment of drama on the CBBC website and a brand new opportunity for kids to engage with the brand. It was built with the express purpose of driving a new audience to the television show – hoping to attract those children who are more engaged by playing exciting computer games than watching costume drama. The development process was blogged on the BAFTA Young Game Designers website: inspiring a new generation to start learning computer code and consider games development as a career.

The game makes use of recent improvements in browser-based 3D rendering. As one of the first games built using the 3D engine Unity and published to Flash, it will deliver a result closer to a console gaming experience than CBBC has ever seen before.

Leonardo also looks beautiful in Arabic! We’ve localised the entire game for JCC TV – you can check out how it looks here.

We’re so proud of Leonardo and are excited to share this project with you, you can find the game on the CBBC website here. Ciao!


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