Client: Nick Jr. UK

Having successfully created games for Nick Jr. UK in the past, we were commissioned to create a scalable language and literacy learning game engine that could be used across multiple brands and could target different ages from pre-school to Key Stage 1 (ages 3.5 to 7 years).  The games would be accessible online via the Nick Jr. website. 

Our approach addressed three core curriculum areas, with three fun mini games:

1.     Spelling: ‘Pop and Spell’ is a satisfying balloon popping game where you drag the correct lettered balloons into place into order to spell a word.

2.     Letter sounds: The ‘Flip and Match’ card game, uses the classic memory card game mechanic to recognise and match letters and their sounds to the corresponding words.

3.     Grammar: The ‘Word Train’ sentence game lets you drag the correct words into the right order onto train carriages in order to construct a sentence.  If you get the words in the right order, you’ll be rewarded with a payoff, hearing the sentence read out and the train animating off screen.

Each mini-game can be aged up and down appropriately with the use of audio and visual prompts being turned on or off, and can be skinned to be applied across multiple Nick Jr. brands, by the internal team at Nickelodeon.  There have been numerous iterations of the engine to date, featuring Nick Jr. brands, and all looking beautiful.

We built the engines using JS and HTML5 for a scalable multi-device approach. Not only did we build the Nick Jr. branded engines for use in-house at Nick Jr. along with user documentation and simple how to videos – but we also designed, populated and delivered builds for 3 popular Nick Jr. brands - Paw Patrol, Shimmer and Shine and Blaze and the Monster Machines.


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