Nick Jr. Create

Client: Nickelodeon

If 2010 was all about music games, 2011 appears to be the year for art applications at Plug-in Towers. This time we’ve made an crafty, online colouring book which has become the core offering in the Create Section of the newly-launched Nick Jr. website. Choose any of the Nick Jr. themed line art from: Dora and Diego, to Peppa Pig and Olive the Ostrich (more about her later on in the year…) and get colouring!

We really let our imaginations run riot with this one, generating a huge range of life-like, creative tools where the emphasis is on fun! There are felt-tips that darken if you press too hard; balloons that are filled with paint and can be dropped to splatter all over the the canvas; glitter where you have to use virtual glue first before you attach the sparkles; webcam photo stickers where you can replace Dora’s head with your own (if you really want to!); and googly sticky eyes that follow your cursor! We also went old-school with a spot of potato-printing and we included the classic paint fill for those who just can’t keep inside those lines.

It turns out you’re never too old to enjoy a good colouring book and with all these resources at your fingertips, who can resist those lovely clean pages?

Nick Jr.’s Create is totally integrated within the Nick Jr. website which means so clicking on any of the branded pictures will load the application. See what inspires you and have a play here!


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