Nick Jr. Free Draw

Client: Nick Jr.

We’ve been working on another batch of drawing tools here at Plug-in Media, this time for Nick Jr. in the US.

We love giving children new tools to express their creativity, so working with Nick Jr, we set about creating a new app to do just that! Our latest drawing app contains plenty of old favourites such as markers, pencils and crayons as well as exciting and messy art tools such as goo, paint bombs and our new favourite: ‘spinny paint’.

We had great fun coming up with these new tools, quickly prototyping new brush tips and behaviours early on in the development cycle. The goo, confetti, sparkles and ‘spinny paint’ are just a few of the ideas that made it into the app. Also included is one of the coolest spray paint tools that we’ve ever made, with splats appearing on the canvas when the input is held still, and drips running down the page where paint is layered thickly. The aforementioned ‘spinny paint’ is applied by launching a toy spinning top onto the canvas, and then pressing down on it to make a swirling mark. This is our favourite tool in the app, since it can lead to some unpredictable effects!

We’ve made a pack of really cute stickers and included some new stamps of your favourite Nick Jr. characters to use in your creations. In fact, the simple looking UI is actually packed full of features!

This is the first time we’ve built an art tool using Haxe, meaning we’re able to run the application on Flash and HTML5 from the same code base. What’s more, Haxe enables us to use the same code to build native mobile applications, so there are plenty of applications for this technology.

The application only works for browsers in the USA. 


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