Client: Silvergate Media

After the success of last year’s suite of Octonauts games, Silvergate Media asked us to create some brand new games for Captain Barnacles and the gang. The games have been focused around Tweak’s latest inventions: The Deep Sea Octo-Lab and the GUP-S – also both super-cool Fisher Price toys!

Octo-Lab Assembly
Help Tweak to assemble the Octo-Lab in the first of our games. Just like a jigsaw, drag pieces from the side of the screen to build up the Octo-Lab. Once it’s fully assembled, watch the Octo-Lab come to life!

Octo-Lab Lander
The next step to ready the Octo-Lab is to drop it to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Guide the underwater laboratory  to the deepest part of the ocean without hitting the sides of the trench! If the Octo-Lab accidentally hits any of the creatures resting on the walls, the creatures will respond with a comedy exclamation in true Octonauts style.

GUP-S Adventure
The Octonauts are exploring Antarctica, both over and under the ice. However, the GUP-S is being slowed by huge chunks of ice and brinicles! The player must use their mouse or finger to clear a path so the Antarctic can be fully explored!

Seal Rescue
The last game stars our favourite Captain Barnacles in the GUP-S Octo-Sled. He’s discovered that some seals are getting trapped beneath the ice – their breathing holes are freezing over! As the seals appear beneath the surface, tap above them to break the ice and let them up for air.

All of our new games are housed in the brand new Octonauts website which we have also developed, so be sure to check them out in their new home on


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