Tee and Mo PJs

It's a Tee and Mo Pajama Party!

13th October 2021

Way back in the heady days of summer 2021, we arranged a photo shoot to promote our latest addition to the Tee and Mo Store - our kids’ pajamas!  Our models, Edie and Wilfie, had their very own pajama party in the park, with a play tent, bubbles, and some of their favourite toys and teddies.  As you can see, the results are pretty cute!

We’re big believers in direct-to-consumer product lines and the Tee and Mo audience regularly gets in touch with us asking where they can find merchandise.  So following on from the success of Tee and Mo birthday cards, which launched last year, we’re super excited to launch our first apparel line: pajamas.  With the Go to Sleep song being our top-streamed track on Spotify we know that parents and toddlers often look to Tee and Mo for a good night’s sleep, so pajamas felt like a natural brand extension.

The pajamas come with either a Tee and Mo Hug or a Sleepy Tee graphic on the front, with blue or pink sleeves, and in sizes 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 24-36 months and 3-4 years.  They can be bought directly from our website


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