Psychoville Returns

Client: BBC


.. and now we can tell you! We’re delighted and frankly, relieved to be able to announce the release of the final installment of BBC’s Psychoville interactive experience. It’s been exciting, exhilarating and hilarious – not to mention quite tough keeping it all a secret!

The Psychoville Season 2 experience is based around the success of the Season 1 microsites, where users were able to enter into the morbid minds of each of the show’s characters. In series 2, the on-screen murder investigation is mirrored online, where each character’s microsite is ‘haunted’ by a recently deceased cast member. It’s up to the user to explore each of the sites and uncover a series of hidden numbers that can ultimately be entered into the locked code box on the experience Hub to reveal the compelling climax.

Each microsite, released sequentially as the show was broadcast, includes videos, games and content written by Psychoville writers Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. The staff at Plug-In Towers share a similar twisted, dark sense of humour so to be able to get involved with something as adult and clever as Psychoville certainly made a refreshing change to making games for pre-schoolers (not that we don’t love that too!)

We had a lot of fun abandoning our usual high standard of design excellence and good taste as we got into character and made each of the six websites look as if the show’s characters themselves had created them: we’re particularly proud of how dreadful Sunnyvale’s site looks. We also had a lot of fun making some of the images that appear on the microsites: you’ll find our own staff as the talented t-shirt models in FOCCE, one of us even owned a Simpson’s chess set for Hoity Toity, and a few of Sunnyvale’s more disturbing images were created in a kitchen not too far from Plug-In Towers themselves.

The Psychoville experience has generated loads of media attention both on Twitter (#Psychoville) and on Facebook. The FOCCE egg game alone clogged up BBC Psychoville Facebook page for weeks with brilliant clown make up eggs, all designed by Plug-In Media’s creative director Dominic Minns.


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