Client: Fisher Price

Fisher Price asked us to create an app for their new toy, the Fisher Price Smart Cycle.This toy gets kids moving whilst they play games, by giving them a indoor, static bicycle as a game controller.  The game would feature Nickelodeon's Shimmer and Shine property - for which we have developed two previous apps.

It was great fun having the Smart Cycle in the office and watching our staff get to grips with the tiny toy! Developing with the new Bluetooth hardware made it a really different project and presented a unique set of design challenges that were really fun to overcome.

The game enables children to fly a magic carpet as well as engage with a series of educational maths games, featuring Shimmer and Shine. Players fly around the magical world of Zahramay Falls by pedalling their Smart Cycle, collecting and counting numbered bottles. They then have the opportunity to face off against the other genies in the Zahramay Falls Championship Race!

In addition there are free roaming and race modes, each with triggers along the track that let the player play one of three magical mini games:

Magic Monkey Bounce
Here, the player needs to correctly identify the next number in the sequence to help Tala the monkey reach the top of the tower. Jumping on cushions in a Doodle Jump fashion, Tala jumps higher and higher in order to rescue her friend, Nahal.

Magic Carpet Maker
Shimmer and Shine are making magic carpets, but need help finishing the designs. This is a shape matching game, where you select the correct shapes from the carousel to complete the carpet. With lots of levels featuring increasingly complex shapes, there is lots of early years geometry to be learned!

Zeta’s Potion Lair
Zeta is making potions and needs your help to follow the recipe and add just the right amount of potion to the cauldron. This game teaches colour and shape recognition as well as counting.

For every game completed, the player is rewarded with 1-3 gems, depending on how many incorrect answers were given. Once the player has accrued 6 gems, they are rewarded with a new item with which to customise their flying vehicle – either a magic carpet pattern or a new colourful sparkle trail.

Playing through the game unlocks so many different options to keep kids entertained, and the mini game difficulty adapts itself to the kid’s performance over time so they are always challenged but never frustrated. 


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