Client: Nick Jr

In our second app for Nickelodeon featuring their sparkly brand, Shimmer and Shine, we made a collection of genie themed mini games. The games all sit within the world of Zaharmay Falls and can be accessed via a main hub world. Each game focuses on a different character from the show, allowing children to get closers to the characters that they know and love:

Shine’s Pet Care
Help Shine take care of Tala and Nahal. The player can drag food and care items over to their favourite pet in order to see how the pet responds! The pets can be combed, shampooed, fed and more with a variety of comedic responses. After the pet has been sufficiently pampered, the player can end the game and see a cute payoff animation featuring the pet and Shine.

Leah’s Hide and Seek
Leah’s pet fox Parisa is really good at hiding. In fact, she can completely vanish in the magical forest! The player is asked to spot Parisa in the forest my noticing her hiding amongst the foliage. As levels get harder, players need to spot Parisa more often, within the same time limit.

Zeta’s Potion Mix Up
This game asks players to help Zeta by following a recipe printed on the screen. Players must hunt for the correct ingredients, prepare them, and add them to the cauldron! Once the recipe is completed, Zeta’s bumbling pet Nazboo gets hold of the potion and accidentally spills it, allowing us to see the magical effects! It’s up to Zeta to put things right.

Shimmer's Bling Bling
This creative tool allows players to decorate jewellery with Shimmer. Using paint, players can draw over the 3D item and adorn their creation with jewels. When they’re done, the jewellery item gets put on display in the genie market for all to admire.

After playing each mini game, the player has a choice of a prize item to pick. This item becomes a sticker with which they can decorate their own genie palace contained within the app's main hub. This is a really lovely, visual way for the player to track their progress through the app, combined with a fun creative tool, enabling them to decorate their own space however they like, using the prizes they’ve won in the games. It keeps players returning to the games and to their genie palace too!


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