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Over the last 10 years, we’ve developed an array of inventive and high-quality games based around art-making within digital formats. With this specialist expertise at hand, Tate knew they could count on us to deliver Tate Paint, a brand new game that allows kids to experiment with art and art-making on mobile web devices. This time round, our art tools are even more refined and original, stimulating kids’ creative-thinking processes, and enabling them to translate their wildest imaginations onto an interactive canvas without any limitations. 

Tate Paint is a web-based game that both inspires digital creativity and encourages kids to engage with Tate’s extensive art collection. Players are able to navigate through either free play, where they can express themselves onto a blank or coloured canvas, or through directed play, whereby they can choose from a themed canvas to act as a prompt for their artwork. Each theme relates to Tate's existing core collection, and include The Future, Experiments, Natural World, Food and Weather.

Once the player has loaded their digital canvas, they are free to access a range of interactive and inventive tool types from a scrollable carousel, running along the bottom of the screen. These include both traditional tool types, such as paintbrushes, pens, erasers and spray cans, to more advanced and playful tool types which are unique to us at Plug-In. For example, players can tap and swipe Turner-inspired clouds across the canvas, use rainbow-patterned paint rollers or tap googly eye stickers onto the screen that are animated to follow your cursor as you click! Each tool interaction is embedded with fun audio-visual SFX to fully immerse the player and bring their artwork to life, and mimic real-life tool applications and textures; for instance, glitter can't be added unless a layer of virtual glue is added beforehand, and the lightning bolt stickers make crashing sounds as you click!  

The ‘Inspire Me!’ feature is one of the most stand-out aspects of the game; during any point of gameplay, the user can click a button that redirects them to a virtual gallery of renowned art pieces from Tate’s core collection. Illustrating both classic and contemporary artworks from all over the globe, we incorporated the gallery feature to expand kids’ artistic minds if they’re experiencing creative blocks, and inspire them to replicate the artists’ techniques or themes within their own creations. The gallery includes the awe-inspiring work of famous artists Beatrix Potter, J.M.W Turner, Olafur Eliasson, Patrick Hughes and Paula Rego. Beneath each piece, we also included a brief description of the artist’s life and work to inform kids about important movements within art history and culture, such as Surrealism and Impressionism. Alongside this, the text also pinpoints key themes within each work and questions the user in order to provoke, challenge and broaden their imaginative thinking. 

Users are able to save and download their artwork to their device within a local gallery space. Or if you’re feeling confident, you can also send over your artwork to the Tate Kids Gallery, a digital collection of kids’ artwork submissions for you to ponder and enjoy!

Feeling inspired? Head over to the Tate website to access the game and get creating!

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