Teaming up with Blue Zoo!

17th August 2021

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Blue Zoo productions! 

We are going to be building a regional animation and interactive hub in central Brighton.   Over the years we have collaborated with Blue Zoo on a number of projects - including ZingZillas, Olive the Ostrich, Numberblocks and Tree Fu Tom, so the opportunity to work more closely together on bigger projects is something we're really looking forward to, as well as viewing the opportunity to grow and widen the animation community in the South of England as a fantastic opportunity.  The studio will be launching with 2 different animation projects in production.

One of the U.K's leading animation studios, Blue Zoo recently took home TWO Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Pre-school Children’s Animated Series and Outstanding Writing Team for a Pre-school Animated Program for The Adventures of Paddington on Nick Jr.  Plug-in is currently in production on the second series of Tee and Mo as well as continuing to deliver TV tie-in and educational interactive content.  Between the two studios we have 10 BAFTAs, so we're certainly be aiming to deliver at the same high quality we always have. 

Our CEO Juliet Tzabar says “Plug-In Media is thrilled to be working more closely with Blue Zoo as well as to widen opportunities for animation professionals in the South of England.  The partnership between our companies is founded on shared values, and the opportunity to build on our combined strengths in long-form, short-form and interactive children’s production, is one that we’re super excited about, and which we hope will take the South Coast by storm!”

Check out World Screen’s TV KIDS article to read more about our new venture here!  And if you're interested in coming on the journey with us, then please get in touch.  We're already recruiting and we'd love to hear from you.


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