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Tee and Mo are back for another special adventure in Picnic Time, an original Plug-In game where you can join the monkey duo on an action-packed day out full of delicious food, activities and challenges! Are we ready to go?

Commissioned by our friends at CBeebies, Picnic Time is an interactive suite of simple interactions that's suitable for your little ones to play. The game is available on a desktop computer or any touch-screen device, both via the CBeebies website and the Play Time Island app, allowing toddlers to freely tap, swipe and immerse themselves into the jungle world of Tee and Mo.

Consisting of 6 mini-games, the player can help out Tee and Mo in a series of fun interactions as they head out for a picnic adventure. Feeling like a play-along episode, the player is engaged into a narrative of the duo's day out, from waking up and packing their lunch, to tucking Tee into bed at night, with his cuddly toy.

Challenges include helping to serve food onto plates to set up Tee and Mo's picnic, or catching fruits in a basket before they hit the ground! The game also has two whack-a-mole style interactions, for example, as Tee and Mo cycle at night, the user has to quick-fire tap on fireflies to light them up and brighten their path home. We also made sure to integrate some safety reminders into the game so toddlers can play and learn, such as to always wear a helmet when you're out riding a bicycle.

Alongside the non-stop fun in the jungle, the game also showcases the unbreakable bond between a parent/caregiver and child, and emphasises the importance of spending quality time together with your family. The game is animated in the established Tee and Mo design style - a textured and colourful jungle environment, and includes heartwarming clips of the two monkeys, all narrated in a voiceover by DJ Lauren Laverne!

We're delighted to see that the game already has over 16k reaction emojis on the CBeebies website alone, and we're looking forward to seeing what Tee and Mo get up to next!

To start your picnic adventure, either visit the CBeebies website or download the Playtime Island app for free via the Apple, Google Play or Amazon app stores.

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