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Drum roll please… charge your glasses and cue the trumpets for a resounding fanfare…

Tee and Mo are starring in their very first app! Tee and Mo Bath Time is live on The App Store and we couldn’t be more excited. This is the first self -published release of our own IP and another step on the Tee and Mo digital first journey of discovery.

Tee and Mo Bath Time stars our favourite monkey duo as they get ready for bed. The app is designed to help any parents who may have trouble getting their little ones to take a bath or clean their teeth, with the idea that after bathing and brushing Tee, the child might want to copy it for themselves! With all this in mind, it’s great fun for all children at all times of the day.

The app is narrated by Radio 6 DJ Lauren Laverne, reprising her role as Tee and Mo’s narrator. Her cheeky tone and wry observations continue to bring the world of Tee and Mo to life.

There are four key areas of the app, one for each area of the bathroom!

Bath Time
Help Mo put Tee in the bath and watch him splash around. You can play with the responsive water system and Tee’s bath toys: a rubber duck and a boat. Cover Tee in Shampoo and wash his hair, playing with the bubbles to create a fantastically foamy shampoo hair-do! This open ended play activity provides hours of fun as Tee enjoys playing in the bath.

Teeth Time
Help Tee brush his teeth in this game for little monkeys who may not think that brushing their teeth is a fun activity! Choose from three fun jungle themed brushes and try to catch Tee as he jumps around the bathroom, watching his comedy reaction to having his teeth brushed!

Toilet Time
Help Tee go to the toilet in this lighthearted game that children love! Tee runs into the bathroom needing to use the, uh, facilities. Help Tee flush the toilet chain and wash and dry his hands, all helping to reinforce good hygiene in the bathroom!

Mo’s Musical Mouthwash
Help Mo rinse her mouth using mouthwash in this musical game that’s all about popping bubbles. Choose from several different flavours to trigger different musical beats, and listen to Mo singing her musical melodies. Join in by popping the bubbles that appear from her mouth, or tap on Tee to add some percussive interest!

Tee and Mo is focussed around shared experiences and so giving the opportunity for children and parents to play together and learn to enjoy their bedtime routines is at the core of this app. Each game in which Tee is the focus ends with the suggestion “It’s your turn now”, encouraging children to enjoy what can be a difficult time of the evening for some parents.

Finally, this app contains a safe, child-friendly video player containing plenty of Tee and Mo animations to watch and enjoy again and again! We’ve crammed so much content into this App that you’ve just got to see it for yourself! 

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