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Our original Tee and Mo desktop games have made their way to touchscreen devices in the new Tee and Mo Play Time app!

These BAFTA nominated games are now fully optimised for the touchscreen co-play experience. Drag, swipe and flick to help Tee and Mo make sandwiches, plant flowers, paint tree houses and more!

Bungee Vine
Tee and Mo are supposed to be helping Mr. Sloth paint his tree house, but Tee seems to be having too much fun swinging on the jungle vines. Help Tee and Mo paint Mr. Sloth’s tree house by dragging the vines down to the paint pots and releasing them like elastic to splatter paint all over the house. Using the touch screen, two people can now paint at the same time! Will Mr. Sloth like his new paintwork?

Tee and Mo are on their way to a fishing trip, when Tee notices some jungle daises. Help Tee and Mo fish for flowers. One player can aim Tee whilst the other makes him dive in to the flower bed. How many flowers can you pick?

Jungle Trolley Dash
Tee is racing around on his super-scooter whilst Mo is getting ready to go out shopping. It seems that a shopping trolley makes a pretty super scooter!  Steer Tee and Mo around the jungle shop by leading them towards the food that they need, whilst avoiding the boulders and hedges.

Musical Garden
Did you know the music helps flowers to grow? Help Tee and Mo work in the musical garden by digging holes in the soil and planting jungle flowers. The touchscreen makes this a really playful, cooperative experience. How many flowers can you plant?

Sandwich Stacker
It’s lunchtime in the jungle and Tee is playing with his blocks. Why spend time stacking blocks when you can stack a huge super-stacker-sandwich? Tee and Mo take it in turns to build each other some enormous sandwiches with some humorous results!

Squirrel Flyer
Tee is playing with his friend Fly. He loves zooming around on Fly’s back. Mo realises that she is out of fruit, so Tee and Fly take to the jungle canopy to pick some more, with Mo running behind holding her fruit basket! Help by steering Tee and Fly towards the fruit and making sure Mo doesn’t fall behind.

We’re so pleased that these games can now be played anywhere, on any iOS or Android device. They were first released for desktop computers three years ago, which means that a whole new generation of preschoolers can enjoy these games in a whole new way!


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