Client: CBeebies & Ragdoll Productions

There are the Twirlywoos! Great Big Hoo, Toodleoo, Chickedy and Chick have arrived on CBeebies with their very first TV series, and now you can play the games on the CBeebies website – in HTML5 of course!

This is the first time we’ve worked with Ragdoll Productions and we were SO excited to be making something for such a legendary production team. The Twirlywoos are beautifully animated using stop motion and have a brilliant appreciation of comedy timing, so recreating the look and feel of the characters in HTML5 was both a challenge and a delight!

As has been a common streak in our recent HTML5 projects, we’ve created three small games that can be accessed from one location. They all take place on the Twirlywoos’ boat and require basic user interaction to learn about a new concept.

Tea Machine:
Based on the first episode of the TV show, the Twirlywoos learn about ’empty’ and ‘full’. Children can choose a Twirlywoo to make tea and enjoy operating the fruit tea machine, pumping up a giant fruit and pouring tea for the Twirlywoos! The Twirlywoos pour the tea and react to the amount of tea in their cup!

Stop-Go Car:
The Stop-Go Car comes aboard the Twirlywoos’ boat and the Twirlywoos set about trying to catch it! Children can tap the car to increase that car’s speed and to make it stop, learning about ‘fast’, ‘faster’ and ‘stopped’. When the Twirlywoos catch up with the car, they might get a surprise!

The Very Important Lady:
The Very Important Lady is a puzzle game that looks similar to the Tower of Hanoi. The eponymous lady sings and breaks apart, and it is up to the player to reassemble her. If she is stacked correctly, she’ll sing again. But what will happen if she is assembled incorrectly? You’ll have to play it and find out!


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